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Why Should You Buy 100 YouTube Views and What’s the Process

Almost every niche on the platform is saturated by content producers, some of which might have been there for a decade. If you are new to content creating on YouTube, purchasing views can help you reach your target. It does this majorly by two means:

  • By encouraging favorable rates of recommendation from the YT algorithm.
  • By giving potential viewers a useful peek into how popular your content is.

The process is very simple and takes only a couple of minutes of your time. After you order the package of views on our site, you will receive them in a couple of days.

Is It Worth to Pay for 100 Plays and Who Is Usually Interested in Them?

If you are new to the platform and you’ve just uploaded your first couple of videos, 100 YouTube hits should be enough of a starting point. While in the long run, it seems very low compared to what you want to achieve, it has its advantages. Some of these are:

  • It can be gotten for cheap prices. Like regular commodities, the more hits you are paying for, the more expensive the price would become.
  • You see the benefits of your purchases on a small scale before making any big splashes. Buying 100 authentic views could convince you of the effectiveness of purchasing hits if you are conflicted.
  • It helps to increase your watch time. Your watch time is one factor that affects how often the algorithm would recommend a video.

This package is mainly interesting for the new pages and those who only start their business on the platform. It is, however, also used by everyone who starts their promotions on YT.

Average Cost of 100 YouTube Views and Where to Purchase Them

On average, paying for 100 YT hits could set you back about $3, but it should be noted that the actual price would vary from vendor to vendor. The best place to get cheap one hundred plays with quality retention times and quick delivery is Easy-Views. We provide the best value for cost, have quick delivery times and guarantee 100% legit and organic traffic.

The best thing about the service rendered by our website is that we provide this fast delivery rate to any country in the world, be it the United States, Nigeria, India; anywhere in the world you need it, you can get it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Legit 100 YouTube Hits

  1. Click the ‘buy now’ option on our site to get cheap 100 views.
  2. Copy and paste your video link in the appropriate space and provide your email where needed.
  3. Instant confirmation of your order and an invoice would be sent to your email.
  4. Once you have paid with your credit card, work on your video begins. Your hits would be delivered within some days.

The most frequently asked questions are collected here

Is Buying 100 YT Plays Considered Illegal?

Paying for hits isn’t illegal though certain strategies such as utilizing bots are frowned upon by the terms of YouTube’s service. When you use real and authentic accounts, – there is nothing illegal in it.

Would My Account be Banned If I Purchase 100 Views on YouTube?

The platform doesn’t ban creators for purchasing hits, but they do so if your content is illegal or falls afoul of their terms of service. Nobody will even know that you bought this type of engagement.

What’s the Benefit to Buy Pack of 100 From

Because the cheapest place to get quality hits online is this website. Here you get your money’s worth on quality hits, not refreshed by bots and with higher average retention than those sold by other vendors.

Is It Possible to Order Real YouTube Traffic?

This is actually what you will get when you choose to get services from us. Real one hundred plays are those generated by humans as opposed to bots.

Would It Be Evident If I Pay for 100 Hits?

If you buy low-quality ones from a bad vendor, it may be obvious that you have done so, but if you order quality views from a company like ours, those are of high retention time and are organic enough to look natural.

Do You Need My Account Password?

Not at all. All we need is your video and channel link, credit card details to buy views, and an email address through which we can confirm your order.

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