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What’s So Important About 30 Subs?

Every single one counts! The way YouTube works is with an algorithm that tracks metrics like subs, views, and likes, meaning that buying safe, instant channel boosts that pour your content full with fans is a good, cost-effective way to get the reach you need. Subscribers are the most important metric to follow on YT and they show you just how many people interact with your content regularly and therefore allow YT to know as well. When they know how active your channel is, the algorithms spread your content far and wide, making it much more likely to get active, legit subscribers from all over the world!

What Are the Advantages When You Buy 30 YouTube Subscribers?

Buying real subs for your channel is a great way to minimize time spent working and gain more time doing the content creation that you love. The subscriber count is difficult to increase and with an online service that has your back, you’ll be able to boost your metrics fast! Our site is here to help you out and give you the best possible chance of success.

  • Play the algorithm and get more views than ever before!
  • Targeted content will go further with more subs allowing you to reach more people!
  • You will make more revenue from your channel and from your videos!
  • Enjoy all the free time you will have when you don’t have to worry about marketing!

What Should I Consider Before I Pay for Pack With 30 Friends?

Understanding the ins and outs of your site, your goals, and the video content you want to create the most are the best things to think about before you pay for subscription services. Cheap services like ours are great if you’re someone who wants to increase their online presence to expand their potential audience, but if you are already part of a huge company or creator, you might not need a few more subs!

Is It Legal to Purchase Thirty Subscribers From You?

Yes! Nowhere in the world will penalize you for using our legit service, and any purchase made from our legal site will be assured to provide you with a subcount that YT will accept. We work completely within the bounds of both YouTube and governments worldwide and, as such, you will never be penalized for anything for sale.

Can My Account be Banned if I Buy Cheap YouTube Subscribers?

YouTube will never ban your account for simply gaining popularity, which is all that active accounts do. When you have a paid package from our site, delivery ensures that YT can’t tell a difference between the subscriptions you buy and the subscriptions that come naturally to your site. Because of this, it is impossible for your account to be banned!

What Are Real and Active Users?

Every sub we provide to your account doesn’t drop, because they are hand-picked from all over the world to provide you with an active, real source of engagement in order to drive your channel’s popularity! We don’t use bots and therefore we can make sure that the sub counts getting added to your channel are coming from authentic human beings.

How Much Does Your Service Cost to Buy 30 Subscribers on YouTube?

Once you head over to, you will immediately find that we are the best place on the internet to shop for new subscribers. With very reasonable package rates, we can ensure that you get the number you want for a great, affordable price! All of our starter packages run between $3-$10 and we encourage any new YouTuber to select one of those. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are from, whether Pakistan, Africa, the USA, the UK, or anywhere else, we can serve you! All we need is a credit card and we’re ready to go.


The most frequently asked questions are collected here

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

We make sure that you will receive each subscriber that you pay for! If any of the subs vanish in the first thirty days, we will replace them free of charge. You don’t have anything to worry about!

Who Buys 30 YT Subscribers?

Most of the people who buy our packages are people looking for a quick boost in their subscriber count to hit a metric they had previously been falling short of. This typically is people who are new to YouTube!

Is My Order of 30 Fans Confidential?

Yes! We don’t take any of your personal information and there is also no way for anyone else to learn that you have used our services, so your identity is completely safe!

How Can I Get 30 YouTube Subscribers?

Come to: Select the package of your choice, for instance, 30. Provide us with your email. Enter the channel name. Select your choice of subscriber packages. Check your email for confirmation!

What Happens When I Buy a Package of Thirty Subs?

You’ll immediately start to see the subs roll in! This means that you will have a drip of subscribers to your channel until you hit the number you have paid for.

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Buying thirty fans was the best decision I have ever made. I never thought you could get legitimate subscribers so easily and for such a cheap price. Everything about this service is great: fast delivery, qualified customer service, and real users. I am incredibly glad that I turned to you and I will definitely order more.

Amberly Wilma

Oh, I think everyone has encountered the problem that videos get a lot of views, but very few subscribers to the channel. I also had such a problem at the beginning of my blogging journey and I was helped by such small packages of 30 friends. I was very surprised that after buying them, they didn’t fall and turned into an active audience. Definitely a 10 out of 10.

Austin Wendell

How to raise your subscription rate? Of course, buy yourself 30 subs and stop worrying. I just used to worry a lot about the success of my channel and couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong and why people didn’t want to subscribe. Once I started buying my audience I stopped being nervous and things got better on their own. Even that small number made my videos a little more popular and promoted my channel.

Tiffany Kerri

I want to share with you my good experience with this service. I am sure this website is the best site in this niche. Each subscriber is important for any channel and for me as well. I am ready to fight for each fan and if he likes my content I will try every way to keep him. But first, you need to have someone to keep. That’s why I really needed this service and after buying thirty subscribers, I saw my small channel grow. Thank you!

Alivia Peony

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