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Benefits of Buying 5000 Views on YouTube and How It Works

Despite the bad reputation that the paying for hits on YouTube has garnered in the content creating and video sharing spheres, the strategy is legal as it is sound. The strategy is often criticized for its assumed lack of ethics, but in truth, all it does is make success attainable for new creators. It does this majorly by two means:

  • Increasing traffic, watch time of videos, and, consequently, the likelihood of recommendations from the YT algorithm.
  • By increasing the popularity of a video and channel, thus making them more appealing and worthy of trust to potential viewers.

Is It Worth It To Buy 5000 Views for YouTube?

You are bound to have big dreams when you start out posting on the platform, but you still have to start from ground zero. This is why 5k hits are definitely worth the money spent.  While buying 5000 YT plays may seem much depending on what you want to achieve, the advantages justify the cost. Some of these are:

  • Significant traffic. It makes it possible for traffic to start trickling into your page.
  • It is a good way of convincing yourself and others about the effectiveness of buying views. Being able to buy a pack of 5 thousand on YouTube and witness its effect on your performance would remove any reservations you previously possessed.
  • It increases the watch time of your videos considerably. This watch time influences the likelihood of your video being recommended to targeted viewers by the algorithm. Thus, the higher the watch time, the more such a video would be recommended.

How Much are 5000 YouTube Views on Average, and Where Can One Get Them?

The average rate for buying 5000 YouTube views is about $50, but this value could be way higher or lower depending on which vendor is doing the selling. The cheapest place to get real and legit 5 thousand hits on YT is our website. We guarantee quick delivery of services, good retention times on every hit, and 5k authentic and active plays.

The service rendered by the website is also global. Whether the purchase is made from North America, Europe, Africa, or Asia, anywhere in the world you need quality hits for a cheap price, and you can get them.

How to Buy Legit 5000 YouTube Views?

  1. Choose the package and click on the ‘buy now’ option to get cheap 5000 views.
  2. You would be redirected to a page where your video link and email address should be provided.
  3. Pay for the order with a credit card or other option.
  4. An email of confirmation will be sent to the email address provided after your payment.
  5. You will start receiving views almost instant after your payment confirmation.

The most frequently asked questions are collected here

How Fast are 5000 Pack Delivered from

Once you have paid, the delivery time for this quantity of hits from the website is between 2 and 8 days. Better still, this number of authentic traffic can be gotten for a cheap price of only $24.99.

Do I Need To Provide My Account Password To Purchase 5k YT Views?

There is no need for an account password. All that is needed are links to the video and channel that require the service, an email address for online confirmation of the order, and credit card info for payment.

Is The Purchase Of 5000 YouTube Hits Illegal?

The purchase of traffic is not illegal. While it might have a bad reputation, it is completely legal. There are no terms and conditions that state that you cannot buy views. Moreover, as you buy them from real users, they will be considered organic.

Can I Lose Some Of My 5k Views?

This is a possibility, but if the hits are organic and of high quality, the chances of losing some of them, later on would be reduced. We also provide a 30-days guarantee that ensures the number under your videos will stay during this time.

Do I Take Any Risks Buying Five Thousand YT Hits And Can I Be Banned For That?

When you buy views from real users and the promotion is done by professionals, there is no reason to get banned. As they will not be done by bots, there is no risk to get banned.

Why Should You Choose

We have many satisfied customers and our services are really the cheapest on the market. The payment safety and the 30-days guarantee make us also the most reliable.

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This is my second time ordering. I am a blogger and I need a lot of hits. I have started with small, just to check how it works and whether it works at all (whether it is just another scam), and was pleasantly surprised that my order was immediately fulfilled to the letter. And now I ordered 5k and everything arrived, thank you!

Alyssa Walters

I certainly doubted this site at first, but everything was done excellent and high quality, even exceeded the expectations, now I will always order here!

Percy Garcia

I can not express my gratitude to these people, I would be able to put 1000000000 stars, thank you! This is probably the only service that really does everything and even 5 thousand. And this is still a lot. I am impressed.

Mildred Barrett


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